Felix is an Anatolian Shepherd that guards the Springboks on Springfield Estate. He is a celebrity of sorts as he was the first Anatolian puppy – as part of the Cheetah Outreach Programme – to be placed with game as a guard dog. Since 2005, Anatolian guard dogs have been placed on farms in cheetah range in various South African provinces, with reduction in livestock losses of almost 100%.

Felix came to Springfield Estate as a 6 week old puppy and was raised in a camp with goats before he was introduced to the Springboks as a one-year-old.

After breaking out of the springbok camp one day, Felix fell in love with the friendly, ‘love-to-pet-folks’ walking towards the oases called the tasting room (read air conditioning) and has since made a habit of spending his days lounging around in the vicinity. Felix has noticeably developed a particular liking for blondes, and will lie at a pretty lady’s feet whenever one arrives on the estate. You will notice that his tail curls up like a corkscrew when he is particularly smitten.

Felix is also best friend’s with Bongi, an orphaned Springbok that was raised with the dogs on the farm but has since been reintroduced back in to the herd (more on Bongi later!)

After a busy day of belly rubs and lounging in the shade, Felix goes back to his herd of springboks every evening, guarding them with his life.