While in our minds it is still only autumn (summer was only last month, was it not?) we are less than two weeks away from our Winter Solstice.  The rains have been good so far, and we are excited to see what Spring and Summer have in store for us soon.

While it might quite often leave us breathless, running to catch up, the changing of the seasons is relentless and incessant. Sure, it may be a week or so ‘late’ or ‘early’, but the passage of time is truly the most constant thing in an ever changing world.

We as a business must also change and adapt with the times.  

We have realized that our season of free tastings on the Estate, has come to an end.  We have always wanted our customers visiting the farm to be able to experience and discover all the wines in our range. Back in the day, it used to be possible to chat to each visitor for hours on end, and explore the range with them. 

In recent years, however, we have experienced a high influx of visitors, which we are of course so thankful to be able to welcome to our winery. We have realized, however, that many are not even interested in hearing about the wines, rushing to make sure they can taste as many as possible in the short time they have allotted for their visit – rushing to get a bit buzzed before their next stop down the road. This is all fair and well, but it does also mean that we no longer have the time to chat and connect with the customers who really care about the wines we make. 

When we withdrew from the Wacky Wine festival, it was because we could not give our customers an authentic Springfield experience amidst the crowds. For this same reason, we will no longer be offering free tastings as of  Saturday 12 June 2021. 

Going forward, our tastings will be R80 for any 5 wines. 
Tastings are payable at the counter upfront, and will still be conducted in the informal, friendly manner you all know and love. You are still welcome to buy a bottle of wine to enjoy outside on our lush lawns, as there is truly no better way to spend a sunny Saturday than on our deck with friends and family. Our cellar tour, offered on weekdays, will remain free of charge and are a wonderful way to explore the Springfield way of doing things with even more depth.

Wine Club members, going forward you will receive a voucher for a free tasting in your wine club box every quarter, starting with Q3 which kicks off  on the 24th of July.

We hope you understand our decision and the motivation behind it. We want our visitors to remember where they have been – what they have tasted, how the light reflected on the water that day, if the leaves were green and shiny or turning copper and bronze – and we hope that your time spent visiting our tasting room will be memorable as ever.