How much does shipping cost & how does it work?

Shipping is free on wine club shipments.

For regular orders, there is a minimum order quantity of 12 bottles, and thereafter one needs to order in multiples of 6. You can still mix and match!

Shipping is R140 for the first 12 bottles, and R70 for every additional 6 bottles after that.

After 36 bottles, you qualify for free shipping.

How long will my delivery take?

We take 1-2 days to process and pack your order. Our courier partners collect from us daily, once they have collected your order you will receive your tracking information by email. As we are in an outlying area, please allow 5-7 working days for your delivery.

I made a mistake – can I change my order after I have paid?

Unfortunately once you have completed and paid for your order, it will automatically send it through to our side and it is not possible to edit online. However, should you wish to add wine your order, please mail us at and we can manually generate an invoice for you to pay via EFT.

I want to cancel my order.

Please mail us immediately so that we can cancel your order and request a refund with Payfast – if we have already dispatched the wine it is unfortunately too late.

How does the wine club delivery schedule work?

There is no fixed date for our quarterly releases. We have divided the calendar up into 4 quarters, and when you subscribe you will receive box 1,2,3 or 4 depending on what time of the year you have signed up.

With regards to renewals, your renewal order will automatically process 3 months after when you first signed up. As soon as we receive the order notification on our system, we will dispatch your next quarterly box, which is again determined by what time of year the order is received.

This means you will never get the same selection twice – however, if you sign up in May you will start your journey on Box2 and not Box 1.

When does my wine club subscription end?

Our wine club memberships are open ended, and will continue indefinitely as long as payment is received with each renewal transaction. Please note that you are able to cancel your subscription at any time with no penalties or fees.

I want to change my wine club subscription

It is possible to change between the 6 and 12 bottle option, however you will not be able to do this yourself. Please contact for assistance.

My wine club renewal failed

Most of the time this occurs because the credit card details you signed up with are no longer relevant –  the credit card could have expired or have been cancelled since your last order.

There are three ways to update your credit card:

  1. We can send a request to Payfast to generate a unique link that you follow which then allows you to update your card details
  2. You follow the link provided at the bottom of the Payfast confirmation email received with your previous subscription payment (sometimes a bit hard to find in one’s email archives!)
  3. You can log in to your profile on the Springfield website, cancel your subscription and then resubscribe using the new card details – you will not be charged a joining fee again. Once you selected ‘cancel’ the page will refresh with a ‘resubscribe’ button.

Should this not be the case, please contact for assistance.